Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's about that time again...

yes, I must do some venting about the political circus going on. I can NOT begin to understand how our government is functioning right now. We have begun a downward spiral with the economy which, lets face it, has been inevitable. The way Americans have been taking the 'American dream' instead of earning in has short changed all of us. Now all of our dreams are turning into nightmares. I don't feel sorry for people who have stupidly taken out ridiculous loans for houses they could not afford. People may have lead you to believe it was a great deal, you could afford it, etc. But the reality is you put your name on the dotted line and are responsible for your ignorant decision! They outsmarted you by convincing you something was a good idea when obviously it was not. Okay okay, I know that the house values have plummeted and so on. But, if we knew all of the outcomes before we made decisions then we wouldn't be human would we. We know that in investing, in houses, stocks, whatever... we are taking a risk. You know when you buy a house it can depreciate or appreciate in value. So deal with the consequences of your decisions. Now, maybe I'm being a little harsh. Some people are in a heap due to job losses, 401ks disappearing. I know all that. The fact of the matter is we aren't guaranteed anything in life. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

The thing I don't think people realize is how during our time of crisis the government is slowly sneaking in and taking over! Once we are dependent on the government they can run our lives!!! Here is an example...why are so many people in this foreclosure situation? One reason is because banks gave loans to people they knew could not pay them back. What is the solution, bail out the banks who are struggling and then force them to make more loans! Isn't this what got us into the problem in the first place! I just don't get it. What will happen to our free enterprise when we dictate what a company can and can't do. It will disappear! It is happening with our banks and lenders, it is also happening with education. Next year Obama plans to make all student loans direct lending. Who agrees that our K-12 school systems are amazing. There has to be competition in the marketplace! There has to be the ability for success and failure. Do people not see that when there are more businesses there are better-made products, better prices. There is incentive to make themselves the best.

Finally, since when is there reward for failure. Is this what we are going to teach our children about America. When you fail there is always someone there to hold your hand and make it right. That is what our government is doing with our economy right now. The reality is that sometimes you fall on your face and you have only will power to help you get back up again and succeed. It is also in our school system where we don't want to use red ink or give Fs because its too 'harsh'. We are raising people, a workforce of tomorrow, who have been babied and won't be held responsible for their mistakes. We need to teach our kids that it is not okay to fail, but sometimes it will happen and you learn from it. Otherwise...why is there motive to succeed. If there are no repercussions for the things I do wrong, then why do what is right. Why make the extra effort to be great when there are no consequences for being lazy and failing. Children who have no motivation for success is to our economy like children who have no motivation to keep laws is to our society. Detrimental.

Okay, I'm done with my rant and rave...for now. These are completely opinions so take them or leave them, what have you.