Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The good/bad weekend ahead...

So Monday I almost had an emotional breakdown. While talking to Briana on google chat I realized that wedding dress shopping weekend in Abilene is THIS weekend, while I'll be in Nashville. As much as I was excited about a fun weekend with Jon in Nashville I slowly realized that he will be going to bachelor parties and golf outings while I am in a hotel for 3 days, missing one of my best friends shining moments. I literally almost started crying...and I'm getting a little choked up now too. AND to put the cherry on top I'm missing Brooke's birthday and her fun chillin and grillin party before everyone leaves Abilene forever. As much as I want to be excited about being away from work for a few days, I can't when I know what I'm missing. ARGH!!!! Hopefully we will race back in time for a little bit of Brooke fun Sunday night, fingers crossed!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

End of Preview Days!

Ahhhhh...I can finally breathe a sigh of relief! Today was our last preview day of the year. After about 8 preview days, 5 presidential days and 1 big Premiere weekend I am one tired girl. From this point on I do not have to worry about going out of town on a Monday or Friday...finally! I can plan my vacations in peace.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

House Pics

Okay okay already. Here are some pictures. Not of everything because we only had a few okay ones. The best news is that the appraiser from the bank went by today and said that we got a really great deal on it! woo-hoo! We close in exactly two weeks as long as nothing happens. Anybody up for a house warming party?

Keep our new address in mind. 1333 Summoner Abilene, TX 79602!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

House Update

Okay, so the house buying is in full swing. Last Wednesday we put in an offer on our potential house. Then they counter offered, then we counter offered, then they accepted it. YAY! We already had the inspection taken care of, no major problems. All that is left to do is square away our financing with the bank and the close! Our date set to close is May6th, so pretty soon. Anyone who will be in Abilene and loves lifting heavy objects please let me know! I will post pictures once things are more finite. Also some good news, Jon and I got our tax rebate in the mail yesterday! The even better news was that it was for $600 more than we had estimated. What joy! I am actually getting a present from the government! I have already mentally allocated this money for a new puppy. Thank you IRS!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party?

Last night I had the pleasure of participating in Abilene's Tax Day Tea Party protesting the outrageous spending by our Federal government. It was refreshing to see all those Abilenians supporting our founding fathers. I always get really sentimental when I hear of courageous soldiers fighting to preserve our freedom. I stirs up the American inside of me and makes me so proud of our country. Well yesterday I had the same thing happen. After work I ventured to downtown Abilene to show my support. I didn't have any signs or tea bags, unfortunately, but I think the other participants more than made up for me. There was a sea of red, white and blue and flags waiving in every direction. The statement in our national anthem 'the land of the free, and the home of the brave' took on a new meaning to me. We are an outraged people demanding our freedom. Our freedom from the tyranny of tax burdens and a government that doesn't care enough about our hard earned money to read the bills they are signing. Why are congressmen and women from other states, not Texas who represents us, signing off to take our money and spend it as they choose. When will the 10th amendment be reinstated instead of rejected? We are a people who are also brave. We will stand up and fight for what we believe in since our elected officials won't. We will stand up against slander and spoil and defamation because what we believe in is the foundation of this country and we wont sit back while Washington stops on the dreams of our founding fathers. I am so proud of my fellow Americans who are fed up and finally doing something about it. Praise God that there are still people willing to take a stand to keep His name as a governing force of our Nation.

Some of my favorite posters from yesterday:

"If God only wants 10% who does Uncle Sam think he is?"

"The Government is my newest dependent"

"Taxation WITH representation aint so hot either"

"Don't tax what I haven't even earned"

"Tea party today, tar and feathers tomorrow"

"Give it back freedom doesn't need change"

"Save our trees stop printing money"

And here are a few pics:

Update on the house soon!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Okay, so today is the day. In t-minus 4 minutes Jon and I are driving across town to put an offer in on a house. I'm super nervous and I lost sleep last night. I'm a little hesitant to move from our cozy little duplex into the unknown. Fingers crossed, here we go!