Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Go Wildcats!

One thing that I've found interesting over the last year is how much more school spirit I have. Not because I have to for my job...but real legitimate school spirit! I wasn't the best Wildcat supporter while in college. I didn't attend sporting events regularly or anything, I rarely knew when they were happening even! But as Homecoming approaches this weekend I am getting more and more excited. I had to miss the last home football game and I am so excited to see our guys do amazing! Plus, I just love how alums come back and the parade and homecoming chapel and the homecoming queen. It is all so much fun and such a fun tradition. Here is a pic of Siggie pledges during the Homecoming parade when I helped with costumes! They are so cute!

It's so ironic how my job has made me appreciate ACU like I never did as a student. I knew ACU was a special place, I just didn't know how special. ACU is truly a gem. I think that we have become so adjusted to what ACU has to offer that we don't realize how special it really is. I love talking with families who have never seen or heard about ACU before after they visit the campus. They are blown away every time. They tell me all the things they are impressed with and love and it makes me realize how other schools are lacking in so many areas. I understand why older Alums don't want ACU to change. They have an idea in their mind of what ACU is and that it should always be that way. But they can rest assured that ACU's heritage is not going anywhere and God will always be praised on this campus. Praise God for the abundant blessings He pours out on those who are faithful.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A day in Houston

At this moment I am sneaking internet from Cafe Express while sitting in the parking lot. It is really funny to see how long people will wait thinking that I am going to back out. I feel sorry for some of them actually. But I need internet and I want the comfort of my car...is that too much to ask? Plus there is a 4 story parking garage behind me! I'm amazed how people will wait for an up close parking spot at Walmart, in the meantime I have parked and already beat them inside. The lengths we go to be lazy!

I have been piddling all day and I'm so tired of it! I've had to kill 6 hr in Houston from a school visit to a church visit and couldn't stand to drive all the way home. I blew 2.5 hrs at Panera Bread...impressive I know. They actually have free Internet, so I ate and worked there until I got terribly bored. Then I went by DSW and got some clearance shoes and walked around the mall for a bit. Just now I got an amazing smoothie from Jamba Juice...nothing compares...and I only have about 20 more min to kill. I think I've done pretty good! I really wanted to take a nap because it is such a dreary rainy day, but I thought that was a bit risky, and this car isn't that big. I hope that my church visit goes well! I'm really tired though... and tomorrow I have to be up at this college fair by 7:30, did I mention that I'm staying at my parents house over an hour away :( 5:00 wake up call for me! And I still have to drive an hour home after my visit tonight. The next 24 hr is going to be terrible. But I'm hanging in there!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall into the season

I am so glad it is fall!!! I'm ready to pull out all my sweaters and boots and carve pumpkins! It is still in the 80s here is Abilene, but I am holding out hope for that eventual cold front to blow through and cool things off. I really want to go and take pictures in a pumpkin patch! I've always wanted to do that, especially when I see all the cute family photos. They all have on their jeans and matching cable-knit sweaters. They should be on the front of a J.Crew magazine. I'm not sure if I can convince Jon to do it, but he has been more open to wearing sweaters lately, which is a good sign. My favorite parts of fall are
a. The leaves changing and the amazing colors (we're going to Illinois in a few weeks and I can't wait to see the trees!)
b. Thanksgiving, my fav food of all time!
c. Wearing fall fashion, and I love pea coats
d. That Christmas is just around the corner!

While riding in the car back from Church Sunday I was wondering when it would be appropriate to start playing Christmas music again. Jon thought I was ridiculous, but I have gone 10 months without it! So...I went onto Pandora yesterday and tuned into my Christmas station from last year. Jon was right...it is too early. I hate that I always want to forget Thanksgiving and move on to Christmas. How could I with all that amazing food!!! This year however will be different. In efforts to keep our families happy during the Holidays, Jon and I have decided to do Thanksgiving with one and Christmas with the other. This year, Thanksgiving is with the Bruners. It is going to be really weird to not be at home this year. I can't say that Hickl Thanksgivings at my aunts house are the most fun...but the food is always top notch. I have no idea what the Bruners are used to and I'm a little nervous. What if I don't get my fill of broccoli rice casserole? Mom knows it is my favorite and always makes enough to last for a few days! I can only hope for the best I guess.

I was always worried about when this time would come because I'm the first in the family to screw our traditions up. I'm trying not to worry about it, but it is really hard. So, those of you who are single...enjoy your time of normalcy and tradition while you can!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

H is for Horse

Last week I had the pleasure of discussing one of my favorite things...horses. Not that I know too much or have a lot of experience with them, but what I do know I love. Darby, my student recruiter at work, has a lot of experience with horses and shares my passion. Although I think hers is a little more qualified. She has ridden for several years and used to have an instructor and everything. You know you are so jealous of her. After our talk today she said that she decided they were going to go riding this weekend, all that horse talk made her crave it. I wish I had a stable to go to when my horse urge hit. I've only had a few experiences riding horses. All but one have been the whole ride in line and sway side to side thing. You know what I'm talking about...

My latest horse excursion was while Jon and I were in Jamaica. My horse was named Viceroy and it was, of course, the ugly one. Here is a picture of Jon and his horse Cornstick and me and Viceroy. (please note that Jamaican horses are very small, I was worried they couldn't carry us the whole way! Jon is as big as Cornstick!)

Another not so good surprise was that Viceroy was also a very competitive horse. He was constantly trying to move to the front of the pack, but the horse in front of us kept cutting us off. There were a couple little tiffs full of biting and kicking, and that was even with the guide... I must say I was a little worried about riding up a mountain on an angry bitting horse. But, this was also when I learned to appreciate horses even more! It was so funny to see their personalities come out! In their little horse world being at the front of the pack is the most important thing, and I'm glad that Viceroy wanted us to be a leader. I also think that Viceroy had some kinda of complex because he knew he wasn't a pretty horse, so he wanted to make up for it by being the fastest. I hope it wasn't because he heard me say he was ugly :(

All that to say that I'm super jealous of Darby and her horse experience. However, this only aids in my determination to have horses on a ranch some day!