Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So here is an update on the vacation search! last night Jon managed to find a goldmine!!! There is this new, to us, website called This website has amazing deals on hotels and all-inclusive resorts for literally half off, plus they include flights! We found an amazing 5 star all-inclusive resort for only $1350 total for a week, including flights!! This deal was less than half the amount when we priced it straight from the resort website. So definitely check it out sometime and get some great deals. You're welcome.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Summer Vacay

For those of you who have sadly grown out of the 2.5 month summers and month long Christmases, I'm sure you share my pain. Vacation is a valuable commodity that must be used wisely! However, that always crucial decision of what to do with your precious time can be a tough one. Relaxed/adventurous, expensive and short/longer and cheap, with family/without family...This has been the debate amidst the Bruner household as of late. Let me bring you up to date!

Several months ago the opportunity was presented to maybe go to Hawaii with our family! winner! but plane tickets are not cheap, I don't have to tell you we opted for something a little more realistic and in our price range. What flashback comes to mind when throwing around vacation ideas?...duh! My roommate cruise senior on the Carnival Fantasy. All-be-it it was semi-close to being at a drunken spring break extravaganza, but you get what you pay for right? Well, we girls had fun so I figured we Bruners could conjure up some fun too. Well, we found the seemingly perfect option! Leaving out of Galveston, late May early June, we could even afford the Oceanview!

We've been rolling it around for a while and had pretty much decided when out of the blue our plans go awry. Who was the culprit you may ask? A stingy 'reviewer' who claims cruises are awful and woke Jon up to the reality of the expenses on board. So now we are back to square one. I can't complain because we are looking at some all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, and Jon is willing to spend more money. Honestly...never thought I would say that. So, if you have any feedback on affordable places to go, please divulge. We are very open to suggestions. If not, enjoy some pics from senior year on the Carnival Fantasy!

In front of our boat, I know it looks pretty but don't be was about 23 yrs old.

Our fun table buddies. Not pictured, older man who we believe had a total alcohol bill of over $800 by the end of the cruise...nice.

Some of the entertainment. Yes, this is a talking, we were not in camp Carnival for the little kidos.

I ran into Paris while in Cozumel, and got a pic with her.

Brooke and I practicing our emergency evacuation skills while trying to withstand the wind

Oh snorkeling...what a joy!

Don't forget to leave any vacation advice!!!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Post Valentines High

What a day...valentines. A most loved and hated holiday by singles and romantically attached alike. Jon and I have found excuses in the past to have a very low key valentines day. The last time I even went out to dinner for valentines it ended tragically. After driving around from restaurant to restaurant for hours...literally...we opted for fast food, we had to eat at some point! Plus, how did we know that restaurants in Abilene actually take reservations!

No, this year Jon and I opted for the traditional low-key celebration. However there was a pleasant addition to our homemade meal. I somehow convinced Jon to get us each a massage to, you know, celebrate our love by relaxing. It was magical! I haven't had a massage in some time, so I made sure to work up a ton of knots to make it more worth while. If you happen to like the idea of a massage and live in Abilene, go to Healthy Skin. They offer you wine and a fruit plate while you wait! nice, I know. After falling asleep and becoming acutely aware of how relaxed I was it was over. On to grocery shopping and cleaning. Note to self, do not schedule anything after a massage for the entirety of the day. ever.

We ended up cooking a wonderful dinner at home, just the two of us. AND! BONUS! I got to use my china for the first time. I was honestly really scared to use it, but it was beautiful and did not break when I picked it up. Woo-hoo! However I did manage to singe my pretty Gerbera Daisies to the point of no return with tea candles. I think one may have survived though!

It was a wonderful valentines. Thank you Aphrodite!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Soooooo...I know it's been a while. I'm starting to get awful at this! At first I had to keep myself from writing several posts per day! Oh how things have changed. I have been a very busy girl since Christmas though. Last week I was in Houston doing my whole job thing. I used to really really like being 'on the road' recruiting. Face time with students is so much better than over the phone. But this last trip was excruciatingly long. I was away from my hubby for too long, and I didn't feel like any of our events past Tuesday were even worth being down there. Oh well. I must admit, shopping at the Galleria during our spare time was a pick-me-up though. The next biggie is our Houston Rockets game. I wasn't super duper excited about this one until I went and saw the Penthouse Suite and the Toyota center...then I got a little excited about having our event there. However, with this event I'm really afraid of the two extremes that we'll have nobody show up or we'll have double how many we plan for. The later is definitely better than the first...we'll see.

One new thing is that I've started my new years resolution of working out again. I have been really bad for the last 6 months and I need to get out of this funk. I've gone twice so far this week, both in the morning! So I'm proud of myself, even if I'm starting my resolution a month late. One funny thing is that I think everyone in my office has made the same resolution, lets face it everyone's resolution is to loose those 5 extra pounds. I literally see somebody there every time I go. We are such an active group!! I wish us girls still did intramurals. That is always such a good outlet for me, both physically and competitively. Poor Jon must contend with my competitive outrage in Mario Kart. I take it very seriously...but it's all I have! He won't play me in real sports because I get very easily frustrated...what can I say, it's my Achille's heel. So if anyone is reading this and needs a not-really-in-shape athelete to fill a position for them, I'm your girl.

Well I gotta hit the phones...7 more calls and I'm out!