Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bring on the Harry Potter Mahem

I FINALLY got to watch the 5th installment of the Harry Potter series last night. No, this is not the most recent movie that is out in theaters. I felt like I needed a refresher on where Harry's been over the past 5 years before getting into Movie number 6. I finally finished my marathon of Harry Potter movies last night YAY! It is interesting to watch how much the acting of the characters in the movies improve from year to year. I'm sure the next one will be great, although I've heard mixed reviews. I'm still trying to convince Jon to dress up with me when we go see it...but at this point I feel like all the avid Harry supporters have already seen it 3+ times and we've missed all the excitement that induces the urge to dress up. Shucks...well in case you were wondering how we would dress up, I made an artistic interpretation of how we would look.

Jon would be Harry, of course. I would go as Hermoine. And Penny would be Ron, she has the redest hair. The jury is still out on the awkward girl to my left. What was that you said? Possible Halloween costumes...I think so!

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Penny learned how to sit!!!

Penny Update!!!

Mom and dad were AMAZING to watch our little bundle of joy while we cruised to Mexico. It was great to have a week of good sleep and no crying puppies. We were really excited to get back and see her though. I had weird dreams that when we got back she was full grown and we missed all of her cute puppiness. Luckily, she wasn't full grown but she did gain 3 pounds!!! She was so much bigger and she seems to be huge now. Luckily with her growing body comes a growing mind too! Jon and I decided to start giving her a treat every time she went outside and pottied. Well, she's caught on pretty fast. Now she runs to the laundry room and waits for us when she comes inside. We also decided to start teaching her how to sit. After just two days she is sitting on command without a treat. What a good girl!!! We do have a long way to go, but it makes me so excited that she is so smart with such a sweet little personality. Here are a couple of newer pictures of her! Her hair is starting to get lighter too.

She always does the little head's like she's saying 'huh!?'

LOVES the kitchen tile!

She's really good at the one armed, take it yourself picture pose.

I need to learn how to upload video, I have some great footage of her and Jon playing last night. So funny!!!

Until next time...

Monday, July 13, 2009

So much to update, so little time....

Where do I start. So much has happened in the past couple weeks. The majority of which has been spent on vacation! Which I definitely approve of. Let's start from the last post.

Jon and I celebrated our first year of marriage :) It is so hard to believe that a year has gone by already. Since our house was our present to ourselves...we took it pretty easy. Jon and I both had to work on Sunday too, so no out of town quick trip either. We just had a nice romantic dinner at Copper Creek Saturday night and then had our wedding cake top for desert. Sad to say it was awful. The frosting had detached itself from the cake and there was a 1/2 inch gap all the way around. We managed a few bites for photos sake then had cheese, wine and chocolate covered strawberries, yum! And yes, I did break out our champagne flutes and engraved knife and server for the occasion. I also tried to re-create our little toasting picture from the wedding, but that didn't turn out all that well.

Sunday through Tuesday was Passport Student Orientation. It was real long, but all my students showed up so I was really excited. No cancels so far! It was so great to see all the families that I've been working with, some for over a year, finally here and so excited. I can't WAIT till August Passport, Move-in and Welcome Week!!! Only a month to go...crazy.

Friday Jon and I left to go down to Lake Jackson and hang out with my family for the fourth of July. This was our first big trip with Penny and we were a little nervous how she would do in the car that long. Well, she did amazing!!!! She slept pretty much the entire way, and pottied every time we stopped for a break. good girl! I was most excited about her meeting Shiloh and Sophie. I knew that she and Sophie would be little pals and hit it off, and boy were they. They spent the entire weekend play fighting, tackling, pouncing, chasing. It was so fun to watch them, and a nice break from following Penny around the house for hours. That night we grilled out and Jeff and Margaret came over to hang out. It was great to catch up with them and have relaxing family time. On the fourth we just relaxed, mom and I shopped some sales, ate dinner at a family friends house, then went to watch fireworks. I have to give props to Lake Jackson, it was a pretty good show this year! Sunday we just relaxed and got last minute things for the cruise.

Speaking of the cruise...we had such a great time. It was super relaxing, so nice to get away for a while and have no worries except what to eat for dinner...oh yeah and my stupid sunburn. It was wonderful to hang out with Jon's family and go on a proper vacation with them. I think they enjoyed it too. I'm definitely up for another round of cruising, but we won't go on Carnival next time. A word to the wise, you get what you pay for. Anywho, I won't go into all the details now, but I'll post some pics from the trip soon.

Now it is back to work, I officially start my new position at ACU today. We'll see how things go...

Until next time.