Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let the nursing begin

There are two words to describe my first few weeks of nursing classes...whirl-wind. The condensed version of my classes, though convenient, are CRAZY. Fortunately for me and my classmates today was the last day and all that stands in the way of us and freedom is two tests! As making beds, giving shots, and taking blood pressure commences I begin the unfortunate studying that comes with Pathophysiology. Though interesting, the class in itself is pretty rough...but I'm hopeful! One thing that has kept my sanity intact is World Cup! None of my nursing cohorts share my enthusiasm for the sport, so I am left to share my opinions with Penny. But she is a great listener, and always agrees with me. She even celebrated with me for the US's late stoppage time goal this morning! On that note, let's give it up to our soccer boys for their performance today and winning their group for the first time since 1930! Way to go! Hopefully the world cup will not be a horrible distraction for me, and wimbledon for the that matter. Honestly studying is about the only thing I have been doing, no other real updates. Well time to hit the books!

until next time...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

God Speak

We have been doing this very interesting series at Church about hearing God's voice. Not so coincidentaly, we have also been doing a study on prayer with our life group. They both seem to fit together perfectly in the lessons that we are learning. I encourage everyone to do this prayer study with John Eldriedge. It is AMAZING!!! to say the least. A few things he talks about are prayers of intervention, praying with authority, and he communicates the seriousness of prayer in our lives. After every chapter I feel the need to fall to my knees and have an hour long conversation with God. What is interesting is that in the series at Church, we have been learning to hear God's voice in a few different ways. Through His Word, through others, and through prophecy (now don't freak out, stay with me!).
I think we have all experienced this is some way or another. Maybe someone says the exact thing you have been needing to hear or praying about. Or, God puts it on your heart to say an encourgaging word to someone and you had no idea how much pain they had been dealing with. In these small ways God speaks to us and allows us to interact with each other in Kingdom building ways. I remember one time when I was going through a very rough patch and questioning God in several ways, someone came up to me that I had never met and said 'Don't worry, God loves you'. These simple words, which we know and have been taught for so long have a HUGE impact on someone, like me, who was questioning God's love. I have been able to witness and experience so many encouraging examples of this over the past few weeks.
Now, what John Eldriedge has to do with this is that our communication with God is directly impacting the people around us. We must realize that our walks are not separate, but they intertwine and connect. Each interaction we have with someone is an opportunity to welcome the Kingdom of God or invite satan to have more footholds in our lives. It is a profound thought, and very heavy...but also very true. Our prayers allow us to receive direction from God and if we aren't walking step by step with Him we are missing out on opportunities to further His Kingdom on this earth. I appreciate how these studies have opened my eyes to the seriousness of spiritual warfare going on around us. My views on prayer, and even how I pray have seriously changed. This is just a snipet, so please go do the study. Can you imagine the difference we can make in the world if we all walk with the authority that God gives us through Jesus! Jesus told us we would do more miraculous things than he did, so what's stopping us!?!?!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Big D

Sunday was finally race day! I had so much fun spending time with Randy in preparation for our half marathon debut. It was great being with someone who was in the same boat as me.
Sunday we had to get up a 6 to get ready and drive over to the race sight in time. Apparently this was a smaller race, but it didn't seem all that small to me. I think there were a little over 5000 runners. As you can imagine the start was insane. The first few miles were so much fun though! Since everyone still had energy there was so much cheering and yelling, it was hard not to run super fast because of the adrenaline. Randy and I ended up finding each other around mile 2 and ran together for most of the race. Thank goodness she was a great pacer for me!
I felt surprisingly well throughout the race until the last couple miles. It felt like the last bit of energy was sucked out and I had nothing left. Seeing a man being taken away on a stretcher did not help either. I finally crossed the finish line and felt relief. It was the best sense of accomplishment!
I knew that I would probably have really bad knee pain afterwards, but it hasn't been as bad as I thought. My legs are still recovering but the soreness is finally starting to subside. I never really pictured myself as a long distance runner, but I'm really starting to get into it. I'll for sure do another half marathon in the Fall if not a full. There is just something about pushing yourself physically to reach a goal that is so fulfilling. If you haven't experienced it before then you should, it is a wonderful feeling.

Until next time...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Long Awaited

Wow, has it really been this long since my last post? I was surprised to see my Merry Christmas banner still up. Well I guess it is definitely about time that I update on things going on in Abilene! School is well under way. Thank goodness Spring Break is around the corner!! A well needed rest is exactly what I need. School has finally slowed down after two weeks of craziness and I can finally take a deep breath.

Here are the things that have happened since my last post:

I quit working at ACU
I started working at ACU's Medical Clinic
I applied for Nursing School and took my entrance exam
Jon's brother, Mark, got married
Elizabeth got married
My parents celebrated their 35 wedding anniversary!!

I guess those are the major ones.

I have a TON of pictures to post from Elizabeth's wedding and Mark's wedding. Those are coming soon. Also, I'll update on school and everything once I get some more time next week.

Until next time...