Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let the nursing begin

There are two words to describe my first few weeks of nursing classes...whirl-wind. The condensed version of my classes, though convenient, are CRAZY. Fortunately for me and my classmates today was the last day and all that stands in the way of us and freedom is two tests! As making beds, giving shots, and taking blood pressure commences I begin the unfortunate studying that comes with Pathophysiology. Though interesting, the class in itself is pretty rough...but I'm hopeful! One thing that has kept my sanity intact is World Cup! None of my nursing cohorts share my enthusiasm for the sport, so I am left to share my opinions with Penny. But she is a great listener, and always agrees with me. She even celebrated with me for the US's late stoppage time goal this morning! On that note, let's give it up to our soccer boys for their performance today and winning their group for the first time since 1930! Way to go! Hopefully the world cup will not be a horrible distraction for me, and wimbledon for the that matter. Honestly studying is about the only thing I have been doing, no other real updates. Well time to hit the books!

until next time...

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M&M plus 1 said...

Yay :) I pray you continue to fly through your studies!
Hope you continue to be well! :)