Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Ready

I feel that I had a wonderful productive weekend. Saturday I was able to accomplish most of my Christmas shopping in 3 hours!!! And no, it was not all online!
I think this is a world record. Never have I been done so early and actually had presents under my tree for more than a few days!!

Yesterday we put up lights on the entire house. Poor Jon had to climb on top of the house because the ginormous bushes in the front yard don't lend themselves to ladders very well. I never realized how many lights are necessary to decorate a house. I always thought dad having 3000 lights on the tree was overzealous, but now I'm spoiled by the sparkling wonder. 800 lights on the front of the house just doesn't do it. Watch out Walmart, your after-Christmas sale lights are MINE! But I must say that our simple Christmas lights are very pretty. We waited until dark and then went out to the street for the best vantage point. I think we win the best house on the block prize hands down. Even without an inflatable snowglobe that lights up and snows inside.

I was also able to wrap all of our presents yesterday! I had to make a dollar store run for tape, and got the cutest present name tags! I might stock up on them for next year. I found the cutest stocking for Penny! I've been looking for a doggie one for a while, and who else would have one but the dollar store! I'm thinking about writing Penny on it somehow, but I think the stocking pretty much says whose it is.

We also had pizza night last night! Margaret and Jeff gave us the great idea to make our pizzas at home. Since then Jon has had a secret desire to make some. They actually turned out really yummy! Mine was Cheese, Pepperoni, Sauteed Onion and Mushroom! Mmmmmmmm. The best part is that there was a Harry Potter marathon on the rest of the night. Pizza and Harry Potter, what a great combo.

Now back to the study grind. I have my final tomorrow and have to get started on hard core studying. A part of me feels ready as these should be questions that I've seen before...but you never know with Pat. Wish me luck!

Until next time...

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Analee said...

We are hittin' up the after Christmas sales too!

I need a holiday in a space to know what I need. I will be ready next year for a full blown winter wonderland!